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Welcome to Casa Clubs

We are very pleased to announce that after a recent inspection by Ofsted, CASA Clubs have been awarded Ofsted Outstanding status for our Afterschool Club at St Augustine's School, Frimley. We are thrilled that this award confirms for us that our Clubs' ethos and activities and our commitment to the children we serve stands up to the best official scrutiny.

The first Casa Club opened in June 2006 at St Polycarp’s school Farnham, to provide a service for working parents and now there are several clubs in the Surrey and Hampshire area located in schools. We also offer Play Schemes during the summer in Farnham.

At Casa, we promote the principles of Play “that children’s play is freely chosen and that through Play children can explore - learning and developing as an individual”.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is based on the principle that children learn through play and states that “in their play children learn at their highest level”.

Our aim is to provide: Opportunities for
the individual child to achieve his or her potential in a fun, friendly, safe and caring play environment.

As play facilitators we are in the background unless the child needs us or invites us to play, from their decisions, ideas and suggestions we plan the environment and the resources that they want. Children are encouraged to have their say on what happens in their club.

What we mean by ‘play’
Play is what children and young people do when they follow their own ideas and interests, in their own way and for their own reasons.

The value of play
Play promotes children's development, learning, creativity and independence.

Play keeps children healthy and active and active children become active adults.

Play fosters social inclusion. It helps children understand the people and places in their lives and learn about their environment and also help develop their sense of community.

Play allows children to find out about themselves, their abilities and interests.

Play is therapeutic. It helps children to deal with difficult or painful circumstances such as emotional stress or medical treatment.

Play gives children the chance to let off steam and have fun.

Taken from the New Charter for Children's Play, Children's Play Council, 1998.


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